About Reshi Edit

Reshi is the cosmic energy that binds all living things. Once a QAQC manager for an oil and gas company that has not been named most likely to remain professional, young Reshi - 7 years of age - decided that he was something greater. Following about three minutes of research, Reshi finally ascended to the corporeal form with a dream to become everyone and everything's omnipresent, loli waifu (and possibly futa he is indecisive). Regardless of how dank their memes may be.


The common cycle of posting habits for Reshi

Reshi is know to commonly go on rants about politics, screaming about what they perceive as the ills of society, before musing to themselves about the nature of the universe and what life means, and then finally spamming the chat with their personal collection of furry and weeb softcore porn.

He is known to hate furries, despite being one.

I love him and no one can convince me to think otherwise, miss your memes big boy <3