About Porygon2 Edit

Porygon2 is a bot developed by Lucario. While originally created with good intentions for the /r/MysteryDungeon discord, it has mostly shifted focus to meme-spamming, with occasional usage of practicality, as opposed to Elgyem which is mostly practical save for a few meme commands. In addition, Porygon2 also plays Pokemon music in the Goldenrod_Radio voice channel.

Goldenrod Radio Edit

Music Playback Schedule


What Plays
Monday Kanto Music
Tuesday Johto Music
Wednesday Hoenn Music
Thursday Sinnoh Music
Friday Unova Music
Saturday Kalos Music
Sunday Spinoff Music

Commands Edit

  •  !fug
    • Displays an image of Rayquaza with an edited version of the German flying type, "flug", shortened to "fug"
  •  !nonya
    • Displays an image of the Braixen family, referring to a section in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon where a Braixen claims that the stick in her tail is "nonya", or none of the players' business.
  • Markov
    •  !newmarkov
      • Randomly generates text from #general_chat
    •  !otmarkov
      • Randomly generates text from #off_topic
    •  !usermarkov [user/self]
      • Randomly generates text from a specific user
  •  !hello
    • Responds with "Hello was received!"
  •  !rolld[#]
    • Rolls a die.

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