Extended "Mr. Frozome" Freezer is known as being the resident picture editor/poster and tryhard smogon nerd that literally everybody on the server loves unconditionally. He is on a quest to gather the most custom server emotes ever and enjoys randomly :thinking: in every chat room. Freezer is most affiliated with the Fug meme and is the only regular member able to add Fugs to Porygon2. He uses Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint to create spur-of-the-moment "FUNNY AND RELATABLE" images and post them in chat.

Freezer can often be found hiding underneath a rock with his barely functional 2DS, desperately breeding pokemon to add to his ever-growing collection of battle-ready symbols of his wasted time. Freezer doesn't watch anime so don't talk about it when he's nearby or else he will eat a skitty.

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