About Elgyem Edit

Elgyem is a bot currently developed by meew0, who is also involved in the development of the unofficial Discord Bot API known as Ruby. Compared to Porygon2, the other /r/Pokemon Discord bot, Elgyem serves more as a practical bot as opposed to Porygon2's usage of memes. Despite this, Elgyem does have a few memes, such as the first /r/Pokemon Discord meme, .bonsly. However as of 2016 this command no longer functions.

Music Requests Edit

Elgyem has the ability to play YouTube videos (sound only) through the Request voice channel. To use the feature, one must go into the #music_requests channel in the /r/Pokemon Discord, copy the id after the "v=" part of the URL, and type "@elgyem yt video-id". For example, in the picture below, it would be "@elgyem yt Za2PJnCAkUA".

Screenshot 2016-02-17 at 1.40.48 AM

Elgyem would then pipe the sounds of the YouTube video in the Request voice channel.

Elgyem can also play videos that were saved by users. To play it, one must type "@elgyem yt saved-term". For example, you can do "@elgyem yt John Madden" to play the Moonbase Alpha Mario 2 song.

To save a video, one would type in "@elgyem save video-id nickname". For example, to save the video in the linked picture, one would type in "@elgyem save Za2PJnCAkUA Spongebob Welcome" and it would save it with Spongebob Welcome as its nickname.

Commands Edit

  • .dex [pokemon]
    • Gives information on a Pokemon including stats, abilities (including hidden abilities), pokedex entry, and link to Smogon strategy page
  • .move [movename]
    • Gives information on a move, including accuracy, BP, PP, type, catagory, priority, protection status, target, and competitive viability
  • .ability [ability]
    • Gives information on an ability, including its effect and its rating competitive-wise
  • .bonsly
    • Currently broken, but used to display a picture of the Bonsly card from the Diamond & Pearl expansion pack in the TCG
    • Has a subcommand, .bonsleye, which still functions.
  • *[pokemon]*
    • Displays the Pokemon's XY/ORAS sprite as a .gif (formerly animated png)